Support Us

Support Us

RJC Dance is a Charity and Limited Company By Guarantee. We receive some core funding from Arts Council England and Leeds City Council, but we rely on our own fundraising efforts to provide all the activities offered to young people. Young people often fundraise themselves by carrying out sponsored walks and other activities,  for trips or the international youth exchange.

We welcome additional support so we can widen the opportunities offered to young people, help towards their costs of attending classes, getting to our centre or buying clothing. We have an Access Fund to help those who cannot afford some of our particpation and membership costs.


BY TEXT: RJCD12£amount ( eg £1, £2, £5, £10, £50 etc)

SEND TO: 70070


ONLINE: - please indicate if you would like an acknowledgement of your donation.

For example -   £10 can pay for a young person's Youth Provision T-Shirt; £50 can pay for class fees for a year; £100 can pay for the cost of 1 attendee at our annual residential at Herd Farm in Leeds.

Many thanks for your support.