Education & Participation

RJC Dance offers young people 4-19years an authentic experience that focuses on how dance can unlock their potential, creativity and style. The placement of value on the expressive power of dance creates & helps young people to develop skills that gives them a strong foundation to move onto other dance training should they wish to do so. RJC Dance creates a non-threatening and enjoyable learning environment for participants.

Dance Pathways
Young people form the core of RJC Dance's current work; over 200 young people attend weekly dance sessions at the Mandela Centre in Leeds. We support progression to the Youth Dance Company and offer regular performance and personal development opportunities through the introduction of Dance Pathways.

The Pathways model is based on 5 key elements that ensure success for young people:

  • Regular disciplined dance classes
  • Performance opportunities
  • Challenging Residential experiences
  • Progression through achievement & Celebration of success

All participants will develop a personal plan that enables them to set goals and mark their achievements. Participation requires weekly attendance at classes and involvement in performance and residential opportunities. These are seen as key to the personal and professional development that will enable them to achieve accreditation (Arts Award) and to gain the most from their time at RJC Dance.

Progression to RJC Youth Dance Company is by audition and we hope those that come through the organisation will have developed the combination of skills needed to become part of the company.

As our young people are also ambassadors for the organization, they are key to the youth element of our marketing strategy. They will be encouraged to develop the confidence to reach out to and include other young people who have yet to experience all that RJC Dance can offer, via social networks, peer tutoring and RJC Dance Youth Committee.