Dominique Odain-Hamilton

Posted 01-05-2018
What does RJC Dance, Chris Brown, Ciara and Destiny’s Child have in common? Well, they all inspired Dominique to take up dancing. However, seeing RJC Dance Christmas Show and Carnival troupe performances, as well as the evident positive reputation of the organisation around Leeds definitely encouraged her decision. “The fact that they had a waiting list showed they were high…

Nillanthie Morton: Dance Practitioner

Posted 14-03-2018
As part of our 25th anniversary celebration we caught up with Youth Provision Dance tutor Nillanthie Morton an alumni of RJC Dance to chat about his creative journey. Nillanthie started at RJC Dance Youth Provision in 2002 at the age of 13. Before attending RJC Dance Youth Provision Nillanthie’s passions were basketball and football. However his sister and cousins were…