Nu Blu Carnival Boys Troupe 2016 Featuring Soca Cheer Girls

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 16:12
Nu Blu Carnival Boys Nu Blu Carnival Boys photo by

Nu Blu Carnival boys troupe, inspired by traditional masquerade characters of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival and J’ouvert. The young people from RJC Dance youth provision designed costumes based on the paramin blue devils, jab molassie and the dragon & imps - alongiside video games, films and sci fi as inspiration .
The movements are based on research from Caribbean ole mas fused with contemporary dance styles. Troupe choreography by Nillanthe Morton.

Nu Blu Carnival boys troupe featured Soca Cheer, a cheerleading soca dance girls troupe from RJC Dance Youth Provision supported Nu Blu on the road. Troupe choreography by Vicci Hamilton