Nillanthie Morton: Dance Practitioner

Wednesday, 14 March 2018 13:35
Nillanthie Morton: Dance Practitioner Robling Photography

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration we caught up with Youth Provision Dance tutor Nillanthie Morton an alumni of RJC Dance to chat about his creative journey.

Nillanthie started at RJC Dance Youth Provision in 2002 at the age of 13. Before attending RJC Dance Youth Provision Nillanthie’s passions were basketball and football. However his sister and cousins were members of the RJC Dance Youth Provision and having attended a few other school clubs he decided to give the Youth Provision a go.

I asked Nillanthie what made him carry on:

“I was the kind of student who could be easily distracted but I enjoyed the RJC Dance Youth Provision, firstly because I was not used to working with a choreographer, secondly their discipline was one of a kind. I felt supported and they had good motivators in their staff. I am the sort of person who, once I start enjoying something I will keep at it and try and succeed”

I asked Nillanthie about his personal experience as an RJC Dance Youth Provision member.

“In terms of creativity and dance, the Youth Provision prepared me for the different dance styles and my knowledge about the origins of dance was improved. My other memorable experiences were traveling to Devon Ilfracombe on a youth exchange programme in the summer, it was the first time we got to mix with other dance groups and make new friends from different backgrounds and dance experiences”

After attending RJC Dance Youth Provision, Nillanthie went on to study at Northern school of Contemporary Dance where he initially completed a one year Foundation course before going on to do a 3 year BPA Honours degree course graduating with a smile and a pirouette in summer 2011. Nillanthie returned to his old stomping ground at RJC Dance, this time as a Dance tutor. His job involves teaching the RJC Dance Youth Provision various dance styles which are showcased at numerous events throughout the year including the Yorkshire Youth Dance and the NSCD Community Dance Platforms in Spring and the very popular annual RJC Dance Youth Provision Christmas Show in December.

My next question to Nillanthie was, how did his time at RJC Dance Youth Provision prepare him for the world of work, and what skills and knowledge were gained and implemented now as a tutor?

“It prepared me for the different styles of dance, I still use routines that I learnt when I was in the Youth Provision and this allows me to teach a lot more classes a week with different styles. It also improved my communication skills"

Nillanthie's career highlights to date are: Participating in Fresh 2017. Carnival Parades 2002 – 2005 as a Youth Provision member and Carnival Parades - 2013 to present as a teacher.

What advice would Nillanthie give to current RJC Dance Youth Provision Young people and those wanting to join the Youth Provision?

“Take any opportunities given to you by RJC Dance (e.g. going to see shows, doing classes delivered by other choreographers. Be humble, listen carefully and ask a lot of questions. Do it mainly for yourself and do not concentrate on what your friends are doing”

What are Nillanthie’s aspirations now?

“Doing what RJC Dance did for me, which is Aspire to inspire the next generation”

Finally I asked Nillanthie to sum up his RJC Dance Youth Provision experience in a quote, and this is what he said:  "Hard work pays off"